Features and Breed Standard

The Rocky Mountain Horse has several good qualities, which all together makes it a unique horse breed. If you talk to Rocky Mountain Horse owners most will also say that “Once you go Rocky, you never go back”! Below you read about how this breed stand apart from other breeds.

Maybe the biggest force of this breed is its unique temperament. It is known as a gentle and willing, people-friendly and very sociable as well as intelligent horse, that can be trusted by its owner. It takes care of its rider and doesn’t spook easily. Some even say its got a “coldblooded” temperament. That ‘s how short you can put it describing the temperament of this horse, but you don’t really need to know any more, because this horse is possibly one of the best trail horses money can buy. In the saddle atop a Rocky many wonderful experiences await.

The breeds unique combination of elegance, power, athleticism and the lateral four-beat gait, tølt, together with the medium size, makes it an attractive mount, that all people can enjoy. Some Rockies are by nature more prone the choosing the tølt than others, but like any gaited horse the best and most stabile gait predominantly appears when the horse is adequately trained under a rider to sport the proper amount of physical strength and balance.

The Rocky Mountain Horse has an amazing versatility thanks to its temperament, gait, its physique and size, and it makes it well suited for many sorts of activities. Have a looks on the site “Use” to gain an impression of many talents of the breed.

Many people agree that the Rocky Mountain Horse possesses a rare and beautiful exterior. Not only in body conformation and head shape as well the graceful movement, but also because the breed has many individuals with the rare silver dapple/chocolate colour (roughly 55% of all registered Rockies). It is also unfortunately associated with an increased frequency of the hereditary eye illness MCOA, that affects horses homozygous for this colour. Read more on the site “Health” for a better understanding of the MCOA syndrome.

Breed Standard
The American Association of The Rocky Mountain Horse (RMHA) has made a list of breed standards, and all of the demands has to met in order for a horse to registered in the association – if not not, even a horse with two Rocky Mountain parents are not accepted. This is to ensure that the breed remains relatively homogenous in type, because it is a relatively new breed. The rules are as follows:

1. The horse must be of medium height from 147-163 cm (14,2 to 16 hands), a wide chest and 45 degrees sloping on the shoulder, along with bold eyes and well shaped ears.

2. The horse must have a natural ambling four-beat gait (single foot or rack) with no evidence of pacing. When the horse moves you can count four distinct hoof beats which produce a cadence of equal rhythm, just like a walk: left hind, left fore, right hind, right fore. Each individual horse has its own speed and natural way of going, traveling 11-32 km/h (7-20 mph). This is a naturally occurring gait present from birth that does not require any training aids or action devices (i.e. chains, soring or built up shoes.)

3. It must be of good temperament and easy to manage.

4. All Rocky Mountain Horses® should have a solid body color. Facial markings are acceptable so long as they are not excessive. There may not be any white above the knee or hock.

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