This is a homepage dedicated to all enthusiasts and people interested in the Rocky Mountain Horse breed. On this homepage you will find the most relevant information regarding the history of this American horse breed, that has enchanted and captivated many people across the World. It is a relatively unknown breed outside the USA and this why this homepage is also dedicated to expand the awareness and knowledge of the breed in hope of making many more people interested in the breed – and maybe even buy their own Rocky someday.

On the site you will find the history of the origin of the breed, it’s special attributes, information about relevant health issues, as well as links to literature and the American and European branch of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association. There will also be a list of European breeders, if you want to experience the breed up close inside a relatively realistic geographical distance (from Denmark). It is also possible to see some of the breeders horses for sale here. As the Americans say, it is a horse for all occasions and this in particular along with the breed’s reputation for very human-friendly behavior and a calm personality makes this breed very attractive!

As a user of this site you will find like-minded people here, and it is my hope that the forum could be a starting point for interesting, funny and/or amusing topics for the joy of all.

You will also be able to enjoy a small selection of pictures representative for the breed in the gallery, along with videos and my own pictures from USA from when I visited three stud farms in the summer 2012.


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